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ESTABLISHMENT OF A DEDICATED TEAMFor the preparation of the Report, the company has set up a Corporate Responsibility and “ Sustainable Development Team, composed of executives from all company Divisions andsupervised by the CEO. This team has been tasked with the collection of data, the compila-tion and authoring of the annual Sustainable Development Report, and the planning andmonitoring of the company’s social responsibility actions.SELONDA has also received advisory guidance and support from Global Sustain inpreparing the Report. For the present first edition, the company has chosen not to havethe Report externally assured. SDGsIn releasing the present Report, the company’s primary concern is to commence a dia- logue with its stakeholders, in order to take one more step towards building a responsible business environment.We would like to encourage all readers of our Report to contact us and send us their comments, remarks and suggestions for improvement regarding our activities as well as the contents of our company’s Sustainable Devel- opment Report, to the following contact details:SELONDA Aquaculture S.ASUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 2017Leoforos Kifissias 56 & Delfon, 151 25 MaroussiMrs. Zafirenia Karaba, Marketing Specialist+30 210 37 24 900 (ext. 960) / Karaba.Z@gr.selonda.comSELONDA has taken into account the United Nations Sus- tainable Develop- ment Goals, examining the impacts of its material topics on each one of the17The Sustainable Development Report 2017 is available on the company’s official website, at of last update of the data contained in the 2017 Sustainable Development Report: July 2018.Support for the Report’s preparation bySELONDA AQUACALTURE / 9

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