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SELONDA S.A. was established in 1981 as SELONDA Aqua- culture LTD and commenced production in the homonymous Selonda Bay, in the Prefecture of Corinth.The company took its current form in 1990, following the merger of the companies “SELONDA Aquacultures Ltd” and “SELONDA Aquaculture Ltd”. SELONDA has been listed in the Athens Stock Exchange since 1994, when it became the first aquaculture company to obtain access to the capital markets. The company’s share capital amounts to seventy-three million six hundred forty-nine thousand one hundred forty-nine euros and twenty cents (€73,649,149.20), divided in two hundred and forty-five million four hundred ninety-seven thousand one hun-dred and sixty-four (245,497,164) common registered shares with a nominal value of €0.30 each. The shares of the company are listed for trading on the Main Market of the Athens Ex- change, in the Food and Beverages subsector of the Agriculture and Fisheries sector.Since its establishment, the company has been a pioneer in the Mediterranean aquaculture industry and a leader in major in- ternational markets. Today it is one of the largest producers and suppliers of sea bream and sea bass globally.about the company | SELONDAABOUT SELONDA GRI 102-1, GRI 102-2, GRI 102-3, GRI 102-7/10SELONDA AQUACALTURE

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