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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 2017W“ mitted to conductingour business activity with integrity, in ac- cordance with ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable lawsDIVERSITY POLICYThe company seeks diversity and balance in the representation of the two genders in its administrative bodies, which include the Board of Directors, the Board’s Committees and the company’s Senior Management. This ap- proach helps achieve the widest possible ac- cumulation of capabilities and experience, as well as the broadening of perspectives with regard to the corporate goals and to risk man- agement. The objective of this policy is to bet- ter serve the corporate goals by strengthening the competitiveness, productivity and innova- tion that result from the wider combination of disciplines, experiences and skills.RISK MANAGEMENT POLICYThe Risk Management Policy is a function of the company’s objectives, as these are deter- mined by the Board of Directors. Its purpose is to identify significant risks which might affect these objectives, to assess the risks identified and to adopt measures in order to address them.REMUNERATION POLICYThe purpose of the company’s remuneration policy is to implement the code and the provi- sions of the regulatory framework, taking into account the company’s financial position and performance, its strategic goals, and the de- velopments in the industry in which it oper-ates in tandem with the overall economic cli- mate. The process for determining remunera- tions is characterized by objectivity, transparency and professionalism and is free from conflicts of interest.All employees adhere to the company’s Inter- nal Regulation of Operation, act with honesty, respect and integrity, and contribute to the prevention and proper management of any in- cident of abuse or malpractice, thus helping protect the good reputation of SELONDA.CODE OF CONDUCTThe company has adopted a Code of Conduct which expressly prohibits the abuse for per- sonal benefit of any powers granted, as well as any and all actions which might be consid- ered to deviate from business ethics and healthy competition, such as receiving gifts, insider trading etc. The purpose of the SELONDA Code of Conduct is to prevent im- proper acts and conflicts of interest, enforce compliance with the laws, rules and regula- tions, and promote honest and ethical conduct in the relations of employees between them as well as in their interactions with the com- pany’s shareholders and partners and with any third party.e are firmly com-/20SELONDA AQUACALTURE

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