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General principles of operation of SELONDASUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 2017.01 ConsistencyEmployees at SELONDA must respecttheir association with the company and must demonstrate, with their ac- tions and activities, that they are aware of the work and mission assigned to them on a consensual basis and for a renumeration..02 ObjectivityEmployees must perform their duties with complete impartiality and disin- terest. They must never use their ca- pacity of employees of the company for their own benefit or for the benefit of a third party. They must assess the facts of the cases that they handle with objectivity, unaffected by interests, friendships or enmities, social rela- tions and beliefs or by informal inter- ference of any kind..03 TransparencyEmployees must perform their duties in such a manner so as to facilitate the audit of their acts and activities by their superiors and by Senior Management. Employees inform Senior Manage- ment, take into account its proposals and views or criticisms, and engage in dialogue with it, so that the correct- ness and legality of their actions and activities can be as widely and easily understood as possible..04 EqualityEmployees must at all times adhere tothe principle of equality, refraining from treating similar or related cases differently. The application of the prin- ciple of equality underpins all the activ- ities of employees. Discrimination against or in favor of third parties, on grounds of religion, political or philo- sophical beliefs, gender or descent, is unacceptable..05 MeritocracyEmployees must adhere to the princi- ple of meritocracy whenever their ac- tion or activity involves a choice to be made based on information estimates or on the comparative evaluation of in- formation..06 ProportionalityWhen proposing measures or decid- ing on them or implementing adopted measures or imposing penalties, em- ployees must adhere to the principle of proportionality. The measures or penalties must be commensurate with their intended aim, whether this concerns the interests of the company and its shareholders or the legitimate interests of third parties (e.g. cus- tomers, suppliers). Any excesses and extremes, in terms of both the le- niency and the rigor of measures, should be avoided..07 Effectiveness – efficiencyEmployees must perform their duties with the greatest possible diligence and organize their work in such a way so as to maximize their performance in terms of both quality and quantity, in line with the company’s scheduled tar- gets. They must take initiative, pro- pose innovations and use methods and techniques enabling the achieve- ment of the maximum possible re- sults at the minimum cost..08 ResponsibilityEmployees must take responsibility for their actions and activities, supply- ing to their superiors or to the author- ized audit bodies the information required and any clarification or justifi- cation needed..09 PersonalityThe employees develop freely their personality, under the guarantees and limitations of the laws and of the Code of Conduct. Outside their working time, they may freely express their political, religious or philosophical beliefs. However, when publicly criticizing the acts or activities of their superiors, their assertions must be substantiated and the evidence they refer to must exist and be accurate.SELONDA AQUACALTURE / 21

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