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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 2017Supply chainGRI 102-9Along our entire value chain, we work with a large number of suppliers and we recognize that their sustainable performance has a positive impact on our operation and, consequently, on our production of quality products. To this end, we encourage our suppliers and partners to implement sustainable develop- ment principles and procedures in their business operation, in- tegrating into it social and environmental aspects.The management of our supply chain is performed by the company’s Purchasing Department, which is responsible for ensuring the availability of the products and services required for the company’s sound operation, in line with the approval flow specified by the Management. The Department’s primary objective is to achieve the best mix of delivery time, quality and competitive price.“Proper management of our supply chain is a priority for us, as it enables us to ensure that our suppliers em- brace our values and follow our proce- dures, always aiming for optimum quality in the products and services that reach the end consumerThe main types of procurement for which the Purchasing Department is re- sponsible are the following:• Raw and auxiliary materials • Packaging materials• Durable equipment• Repairs and maintenance• Other services • Consumables • FuelsAt the same time, purchases are also made by individual company departments, such as for the purchase and transport of fish and fry (Logistics Department), for repairs and maintenance (the Maintenance Department), and for construction and building works (Construction Department).DISTRIBUTION NETWORKThe procedures regarding the distribution of SELONDA’s products are managed by the company’s distribution/logistics center in Mandra, Attica, as well as by external partners. SELONDA then works with transport companies in Greece and abroad for arranging the shipment of its products to its customer network.The company also operates its own distribution fleet, which consists of 6 harvest- ing trucks transporting products to the packing stations, and 11 fry transport vehi- cles.Outlays to suppliers for 2017 amount to €146,112,347 and involve the purchase of products and services.SELONDA AQUACALTURE / 22

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