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our approach | SELONDAOUR APPROACH TOSUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT“We have the respon- sibility to ensure that satisfying our needs today will not pre- vent future genera- tions from successfully doing the sameValue creationGRI 102-13The company recognizes that the importance of the Aquaculture Industry in global food pro- duction is steadily increasing. Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing animal production food sectors worldwide, as demand for fish- ery products is rising. At the same time, by developing sustainable production methods, fish farming reduces the burden on marine wild stocks threatened by overfishing.This increased importance also creates in- creased responsibilities and obligations.SELONDA has as its primary goal the eco- nomically, environmentally and socially sus- tainable production of aquaculture products. Sustainability requires a balance between the environment, the economy and society. Oper- ating in compliance with the laws and the in- ternational standards, the company aims tobalance the economic growth with nature and society.The company’s sustainable development pol- icy covers its entire value chain and encom- passes all the stages –production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, logis- tics, handling and distribution– which are re- quired in order for its products to reach the end consumer. SELONDA’s corporate policy and culture are fully aligned with the princi- ples of sustainable development and social responsibility. The strategic approach of our company is oriented on optimizing the value that we generate for society at large and to reducing environmental, economic and social risk. With our policies, we are committed to ensuring the protection of the environment, the health and safety of our employees, the development of our local communities and of society at large./24SELONDA AQUACALTURE

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