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Communication methods and frequencyTopics of interest and expectations05Local Community – Municipal & Community Authorities – Neighboring Aquacultures (external)RESPONSESupervisory Bodies – Authorities – Chambers – Associations (external)• Meetings with representatives • Provision of information on company (2-3 times per year)    issues and actions• At the local level, meetings and phone contacts with municipal/port authorities are more regular• Social Media• Collaboration with neighboringaquacultures for joint actions and events (up to 3 per year)• Support of the local community, especially regarding employment-related issues• Maintaining a clean environment • Transparency and dialogue• Collaboration for joint actions• Sponsorships and donations• Sourcing regional personnel from the local communities – work opportunities for the unemployed in the local communities• Sponsorships and donations• Support primarily to cultural societies and financial assistance for their actions • Support of schools, school visits to company units• Environment-friendly processes in shared sea areas• Support of, participation in and organization of joint actions06Communication methods and frequencyTopics of interest and expectations• Website     • Participation in activities and events• Regular email, phone and face-to-face communication (4 days per week or more, as needed)• Meetings with organizations, authorities, legislative and institutional bodies• Workshops, conferences, events • Publication of financial statements(six-monthly and annual)• Information updates on industry news • Collaboration with the local communityusing the services of the relevant bodies(sponsorships, subscriptions)• Transparency, legal and regulatorycompliance• Inspections of company facilities • Punctuality in the paymentof subscriptions• Active participationRESPONSE• Participation in events, seminars and conferences• Sponsorships of events organized by Chambers (in money or in kind) • Coverage of their needs through regular subscriptions• Full compliance with the applicable laws and regulations07Banks – Creditors (external)RESPONSECommunication methods and frequencyTopics of interest and expectations• Daily phone and email communication • Punctuality in the payment of loan • Publication of financial statements in   installments• Expectation of better financial results (six-monthly and annual)   (financial viability and progress)• Compliance with the Code of Corporate Governance• Consequence in regards to the frequency and deadlines for pucblicationsaccordance with the applicable laws/30of financial resultsSELONDA AQUACALTURESUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 2017

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