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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 20170809NGOs (external)RESPONSECommunication methods and frequency• Website• Social Media• Email communication aboutsponsorships• Participation in eventsTopics of interest and expectations• Sponsorships and donations • Reliability and transparency • Information updates• Dialogue• Protection of the environment • Actions• Participation in actions organized by NGOs• Granting of sponsorships• Protection of the environment and of biodiversityUniversities – Research Organizations (external)Communication methods and frequency• Events• Meetings 2-3 times per year for researchprojects• Visits by Universities to company unitsand hatcheries• Collaboration for conductingmeasurements• Workshops• Collaboration in various projects andEuropean programsTopics of interest and expectations• Information updates and collaboration • Training• Sponsorships• Strengthening employment throughinternships• Training and research programsRESPONSE• Collaboration in joint projects and studies• Training and work experience opportunities for students of educationalinstitutions in relevant disciplines• Educational trips to company facilities and hosting of visiting students• Presentations to educational institutions by company executives• Provision of samples free of charge for educational purposes• Ongoing research and exploration of new technologies10Consumers – Consumer Associations (external)RESPONSECommunication methods and frequencyTopics of interest and expectations•Website  • Productquality• Social Media (daily communication)    • Information updates and dialogue• Phone communication (questions from consumers)• Contacts with consumers through promo- tions (in fish stores) and marketing campaigns• Transparency and reliability• Responsibility and provision of informationon company actions• Information updates regarding product ingredients, product quality and hygiene and the protection of the environment• Certifications of products and services• Dialogue and announcements of corporate and product news via social media• Response to questions over the phone• Ongoing research and development on quality/31SELONDA AQUACALTURE

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