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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 2017In the internal materiality analysis, a total of 12 senior company executives took part and evalu- ated the significance for SELONDA of the im- pacts of each identified topic, using as a criterion whether or not the topic examined:• Is significant for the company’s stakeholders.• Is related to relevant laws, regulations, inter-national agreements or voluntary agreements of strategic importance to the company or to its stakeholders.• Represents a threat.• Represents an opportunity.• Poses a threat to sustainable development.• Is considered a future challenge for the com-pany’s activity sector.• Contributes to the implementation of the com-pany’s sustainable development strategy and to strengthening the company’s values and principles.• Can be managed by the company, which pos- sesses the requisite capabilities and is thus in a position to contribute to sustainable develop- ment.Stage 3: ValidationIn the third and final stage of the methodology,the company’s Management examined and vali- dated the results of the materiality analysis, from which 12 material topics emerged. These are shown in the materiality matrix graph below and serve as the key pillars for the development of the present Report’s content.Materiality matrixHIGH26341223 4212524 20 22 353 1930317 19233 182713 515LOW14 8 10166 3228 11 29 17Significance of economic, environmental and social impactsHIGHECONOMY MARKET EMPLOYMENT ENVIRONMENTSOCIETYSELONDA AQUACALTURE / 34Influence on stakeholder’ assessments and decisions

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