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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 2017Market presence(3)Certifications and quality of procedures and products(22)Compliance with the environmental legislation (30)Economic performance (1)Compliance (21)Business investments (2)Customer satisfaction (19)SELONDA AQUACALTURE / 36SELONDA Suppliers Customers Shareholders- Investors ConsumersSELONDA Supervisory bodies and authorities Suppliers Customers ConsumersSELONDA Supervisory bodies and authoritiesSELONDA Shareholders-Investors Suppliers CustomersSELONDA Supervisory bodies and authorities Consumers SocietySELONDA Shareholders-Investors SocietySELONDA CustomersGRI 417-2No specificGRI disclosure. The issue is coveredby the General Disclosures under GRI102.GRI 417-1 GRI 417-2GRI 307-1GRI 201-1GRI 416-2 GRI 417-2 GRI 417-3 GRI 419-1GRI 203-1No specific GRI disclosure. This issue is covered by the GeneralDisclosures under GRI 102-43 GRI 102-44

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