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Targets and commitmentsAs part of its sustainable development strategy and with a view to ensuring its responsible and objective operation and develop- ment, SELONDA sets out below its targets for 2018, per sustainable development pillar. By presenting these targets in the present Report, the company communicates to its stakeholders its progress and monitors its performance.01 ECONOMYInvestments in hatcheries• Invest in hatcheries (mainly RAS – closed circuits), in order to achieve:(a) Improved welfare and quality of fry intended for farming (b) Increase in productivity, reduction of production risk and,by extension, improvement in the final economic result• Expand and strengthen infrastructures in order to producefry of a higher average weight• Invest in R&D on fish spawning - Genetic selection pro-gramInvestments in fish farms• Modernize and improve fish farms, by adopting new tech- nologies to achieve:(a) Improved welfare and quality of fish(b) Increase in productivity, optimization of biomass man-agement and production and, by extension, improve- ment in the final economic resultInvestments in packing stations• Improve and modernize the infrastructure in packing sta- tions, with a focus on primary and secondary processing of fish and on producing higher value-added products• Integrate the ERP DAX systems and the AQUA production program• Implement a marketing strategy with a focus on reposi- tioning products in new marketsDevelopment of new value-added productsIncrease of the SELONDA brand recognition, strengthening brand equity02 MARKETConsumer safety• Increase sampling levels for consumer safety purposes from 0.8% to 1% of total productionQuality of products/procedures• Use electric stunning as a method for killing fishCustomer satisfaction• Undertake activities in collaboration with customers in Greece and abroad – marketing support* Working with hazardous substances such as chemicals and O2, with lifting equipment, with electricity, working at heights, use of PPE, constant visits to units for the purpose of discussing with per- sonnel issues relating to health and safety.03 EMPLOYMENTHealth and safety• Sustain the zero fatalities rate achieved• Reduce the number of accidents which can lead to absencefrom work for more than 30 days• Increase the number of specialized trainings.* For 2018, thetarget is to increase training hours by 5% covering at the same time a higher proportion of personnel compared to 2017• Develop an emergency response plan for at least one unit and conduct a relevant drill• Reduce by at least 5% the ORA-based quantified risk indica- tors• Extend the OHSAS 18001 international standard to 50% of all facilities• Introduce a preventive vaccination program for technicians and laborersPersonnel development• Implement the ASC standard• Reduce the proportion of employee mobility in technicianand laborer job positions• Create a system of incentives to attract and retain new em-ployees• Improve internal communication by introducing improve-ments and developing a corporate portal (intranet)• Increase the share of investments in training and develop-ment of new executives04 ENVIRONMENTEnvironmental performance• Reduce energy consumption • Obtain ASC certificationProtection of the marine ecosystem• Treat liquid waste at the production level in more installations and to a greater extent, and re-use liquid waste• Record and study predators• Increase sampling points and frequency of sediment analysesSOCIETY• Increase frequency of communication with NGOs• Give priority to educating younger generations (pupils - students) • Support social actors and local communities (sponsorships, do-SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 201705nations, employment)SELONDA AQUACALTURE / 37

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