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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 2017“The protection of the environment is a key element of our corporate culture and is re- flected in our op- erations and our activitiesInvestments in local communitiesDuring 2017, we allocated €15 thousand to donations to societies and non-profit organizations and we offered to charities 2.5 tons of fish with an approximate value of €15 thousand.Environmental protection investmentsIn 2017, we invested €1,130,904in activities for::• The management of solid waste, in order to protect the soil and groundwater • The protection of water resources• The protection of natural resources and the preservation of biodiversity• The reduction of energy consumption• Environmental protection studiesInvestments in the supply chainIn 2017, we paid to 1,848 suppliersthe amount of € 146,112,347 for the purchase of products and services.Social Product of SELONDAThrough our activity, we create value for the economy, for society and for the environment in which we act and grow. Our total social product for 2017 stands at€178,900,251./42SELONDA AQUACALTURE

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