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product quality | SELONDA“The health and welfare of the fish populations at SELONDA are con- stantly monitored by a team of full-time veterinarians and lab techniciansMARKETQuality of products and proceduresGRI 417-1SIGNIFICANCE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENTThe quality of products and processes is vital to any company. This is all the more so for a company such as SELONDA, which is active in the food production industry. Quality con- trol along the entire value chain of a food production and processing company offers ben- efits for the company itself and for its employees, customers and consumers, but also for society at large. The assurance of the quality of the company’s operating procedures and of the final product helps protect people’s health, reduce environmental impact and assist the effort for responsible management of the natural resources.OUR APPROACHAt the first stage of the production process, the broodstock is selected using strict criteria regarding their physical and genetic characteristics. Farming in sea cages takes place using stable and reliable methods, which also involve substantial care tasks, as befits a company that is cultivating living organisms for more than 30 years. At the final stage of the production process, the harvested fish are packaged according to strict hygiene rules in EU-approved packing stations.The health and welfare of the fish populations at SELONDA are constantly monitored by a team of full-time veterinarians and lab technicians, backed by four fully equipped ichthy- opathology and fish feed testing laboratories. In collaboration with trained technicians working at the company’s units, our response to issues of health and welfare is prompt, continuous and comprehensive, comprising monitoring, diagnostics and preventive vacci- nations, always in accordance with the applicable laws. The company’s team of specialist Veterinarians and Ichthyopathologists implements a Health Management Plan for fish populations, coupled with best practices and based on the continuous monitoring of health and hygiene parameters. This helps control health, welfare and bio-safety, in order to con- tain and control the transmission of pathogens./44SELONDA AQUACALTURE

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