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Consumer health and safetyGRI 416-1, GRI 417-1SIGNIFICANCE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENTFood adequacy and safety, healthy diet, climate change and the environment are some of the key challenges that shape the policy of the aquaculture industry. In recent years, health au- thorities all over the world have issued dietary guidelines and advice, recommending the con- sumption of more seafood, based on its documented benefits for health. The increased consumption of fish contributes considerably to the improvement of human health due to the nutritional content of fish, always in combination with the high quality of the products men- tioned. Providing safe and quality fishery products and ensuring a high level of consumer health protection is a goal of the utmost importance for the industry.OUR APPROACHSELONDA produces products of high nutritional value to meet the increased requirements of consumers.During 2017, we continued to monitor and document the nutritional profile of our fish, taking care to act in accordance with our internal specifications of our products, in order to meet the requirements for nutritional ingredients in our fish. We also work with third parties on post- harvesting research programs to stabilize the qualitative characteristics that lead to the bene- fits for health.SELONDA products are an important source of cancer-protective long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), and are also rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. One or two servings of sea bream or sea bass per week cover the recommended* weekly intake of Omega-3 long chain fatty acids and provide highly digestible protein full of all the amino acids needed in a ba- lanced diet, in addition to being a rich source of B12, D and E vitamins and of minerals.In order to meet the requirements of consumers in relation to the nutritional value and orga- noleptic properties of our products, we continuously invest in know-how concerning the pro- ductivity of the farming process, via appropriate production and nutrition techniques.In addition, since June 2016 we are implementing the Genetic Selection Program for Sea Bream and Sea Bass. The aim of this program is to evolve fry that will allow farming of fish which will be characterized by faster growth, better features and a higher resistance to com- mon diseases.“SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 2017To ensure that wesatisfy these require-ments and to main- tain our leading position in the Mediterranean aquaculture indus- try, we have com- mitted ourselves to the quality and safety of our prod- ucts, to occupational health and safety, and to the welfare of the farmed species, by applying good sustainable production and sus- tainable fish farm- ing practices* The recommended proportion is six (6) parts Omega-3 and two (2) parts Omega-6 depending on age and gender.SELONDA AQUACALTURE / 49

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