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This set of principles is summarized in the following ground rules that constitute the key pillars of our strategy in terms of human resources management:Creation of a climate of trust by adopting behaviors that ensure mutual respect, collaboration and two-way communication.Respect for the principles of diversity, equality and non-discrimination.Prohibition of forced, compulsory and child labor.Selection and recruitment of the most suitable candidates.Ongoing assessment, development and advancement of our people.Meritocracy and recognition, and wage differentiation according to the skills offered. Full compliance with all applicable labor laws.These commitments are described in detail in the updated Code of Corporate Conduct and Personnel Issues, which has been approved by the Board of Directors*, as well as in the In- ternal Labor Regulations, as approved by the competent public authorities. The Code of Cor- porate Conduct and Personnel Issues serves as our guide in our daily work. It sets standards of conduct and touches upon issues such as whistle-blowing, anti-fraud, anti-corruption, finan- cial reporting and regulatory compliance. Our goal is for all our employees to be personally committed to our Code.KEY HUMAN RESOURCES FIGURES 2017The total number of company employees in 2017** amounted to 1,180, of which 72.2% men and 27.8% women.“SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 2017OUR VISIONTo create the rightwork environment in order to ensure the emotional and moral commitment of our associates. We place Safety and Self-Re- spect at the very top of our business prioritiesTotal Number of Emploees1,18072.2% 27.8% 852 328The majority of the company’s employees work under permanent employment contracts, while less than 3% of the total number of employees are seasonal.* April 2017** As at 31 December 2017SELONDA AQUACALTURE / 55

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