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1 We improve the efficiency and rational use of resources in our production processes by:• Monitoring feed efficiency using indicators such as FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio), nitrogen balance and digestibility testing.• Implementing a daily feeding management plan and constantly testing the composition of fish feed from the initial stages to the final product in the company’s specialized Nutri- tion Evaluation Laboratory and ensuring full capture of their traceability data.• Implementing a vaccination plan and avoiding medical treatments. In cases where a medical treatment cannot be avoided, this is very carefully and responsibly applied. Pre- ventive treatments must be avoided in all cases.2 We reduce the generation of waste and litter by:• Taking part in the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HERRCO) for the recycling of used packaging materials.• Fully recycling hazardous and non-hazardous waste in collaboration with specialized partners.• Making full use of the by-products derived from the processing of fish (evisceration and filleting) for producing fresh feed for fish in a licensed facility.• Constructing a biological waste treatment station at our packaging stations and process- ing plants.3 We use non-energy-intensive technologies. We rationalize transfer activities by all means of transport, whether by road or sea.4 We invest in sustainable packaging technologies. The use, in our higher value-added products, of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology, based on the appropriate mix of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen, results in longer preservation times (shelf life).“SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 2017Environmental protection is closelylinked to our activity and deeply ingrained in our corporate cul- ture, as fish farming is perhaps the only human industrial activity that is so directly dependent on the marine environment, as our products live and grow inside itSELONDA AQUACALTURE / 63

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