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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 2017ASSESSMENT OF OUR APPROACHThe company's units operate according to the most rigorous environmental protection stan- dards. SELONDA has been certified according to the ISO: 14001:2015 standard, which sets out the criteria for an environmental management system and provides assurance to the Manage- ment, as well as to the company’s external stakeholders, that environmental impact has been measured and improved.The systematic and responsible implementation of environmental protection policies is con- firmed by the fact that no environmental protec- tion incidents were recorded during 2017.In addition, operational performance indica- tors, which are defined by the environmental management plan and monitor the impact of the company's activities on the consumption of materials, the use of natural resources, waste management etc., are presented in the following tables for 2015, 2016, 2017.It should be noted that, since April 2016, the cal- culations also include the units of DIAS, after the latter was absorbed by the SELONDA Group.“The company’s units operate according to the most rigorous environmental protection standardsFish farms – ParametersPLASTICS SEWAGE SLUDGE ABPMINERAL OILS ENERGYCO2 EMISSIONS20150.003125 tn/tn of product 0.0069 tn/tn of product 0.00031 tn/tn of product 0.0002 tn/tn of product 175 KWh/tn of product 0.1488 tnCO2/tn of product20160.00327 tn/tn 0.07108 tn/tn 0.00403tn/tn 0.00062 tn/tn 175 KWh/tn 0.1488 tnCO2/tn20170.00527 tn/tn 0.017 tn/tn 0.012145 tn/tn -102 KWh/tn/tn 0.0662 tnCO2/tnSELONDA AQUACALTURE / 64

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