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DEVELOPMENT OF THE LOCAL MARKET “As an active corporate citizen of the communities where it operates, SELONDA encourages the development of the local market at all levels. In this context, it welcomes potential suppliers which are based locally based and, where possible, works with local suppliers (domestic suppliers outside the Attica Region), which account for more than 50% of all its suppliers.Additionally, the rents paid by SELONDA for its sea fish farms provide funding for the Munici- palities/Regions where it operates..SELONDA wel- comes potential suppliers that are locally based and, wherever possible, works with local suppliersSUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 2017RegionPELOPONNESE AEGEAN CENTRAL GREECE ATTICAWESTERN GREECE TOTALLeases114,634.35 64,828.31 55,539.04 29,115.92 24,071.46288,189.08Western Greece8% Attica10%Central Greece 19%Peloponnese 40%Peloponnese Aegean Central Greece AtticaWestern GreeceAegean 23%SELONDA AQUACALTURE / 71

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