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Education “ SELONDA welcomes schools (elementary, middle and high schools) and Universities /Technological Educational Institutes (TEI) to its units and hatcheries, for a tour of facilities and a presentation of the tasks performed on a daily basis.24/11/2017–Visit by the High School of Magoula to the facilities of the company's plant in Mandra (60 students accompanied by 4 teachers).SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 2017During 2017, nine educational organi- zations visited vari- ous local facilities of SELONDA and approximately 400 students were informed and educated about its main services and activitiesINCREASING PRODUCTION OF NEW SPECIESAt SELONDA, we have been breeding Red Porgy and Meagre for several years with great success, in terms of both quantity and quality. Since 2016, having focused on the economic significance of new species, we have effectively trebled production levels in our hatcheries, raising the production of these species to an industrial scale. Addition-GENETIC SELECTION PROGRAMally, 2016 witnessed our first experimental breeding of Amberjack, with positive results that are very promising for the future.In recent years we have been upgrading our structures in order to increase the Group's production of new species in the coming years. To this end, SELONDA is working with a network of specialized external organiza- tions.Acknowledging the important role of fry in its operation and farming results, SELONDA at- taches great importance to further improving its quality – a key driver of this improvement being the genetic selection program.SELONDA is a pioneer in the development of a genetic selection program as, about 20 yearsSELONDA AQUACALTURE / 75

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