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Materiality analysis – Identification TableThe table below lists the 35 significant topics with regard to sustainable development, which are monitored, exam- ined and evaluated by the company.Economic Growth – GovernanceHuman ResourcesSUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT | 20171 2 3 4 5Economic performanceBusiness investmentsMarket presence (in Greece and abroad) and export expansion Corporate governance and ethical business practices Operational risk management6789101112131415Strengthening employmentOccupational health and safetyEmployee satisfaction and commitmentEmployee education, training and developmentAttracting, retaining and developing talentProcedures for the tracing complaints to the company’s business units Protection of labor rightsEqual opportunities and diversityHarmonious Management-employee relationsFostering a culture of volunteeringMarket1617181920212223242526Evaluation of suppliersResponsible communication and MarketingBusiness readiness for emergencies – Damages to equipment/facilities Customer satisfaction, relationships with customersConsumer health and safetyCompliance with laws and regulationsCertifications and quality of procedures and productsTransparency and anti-corruptionHealth and good living conditions of fish – Pest treatment and management Quality of raw materials and fish feedSecuring the necessary conditions for the transport of productsSocietyEnvironment27 28 29Support of, and acceptance by, the local communitiesStakeholder engagement – concerns and complaints of the local communities Collaboration with academic and research organizations303132333435Compliance with environmental laws and regulationsResponsible management of raw and other materials and of natural resources Control and limitation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissionsResponsible management of energyResponsible management of solid and liquid wasteProtection of the marine ecosystem – Preventing fish from escapingSELONDA AQUACALTURE / 79

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