13 Leading Chefs Recommend… Selonda!

Selonda had the honor and pleasure of hosting thirteen of Europe’s leading chefs, based in the Netherlands, on an “inspirational” trip to Greece. Our staff prepared a complete program for the distinguished guests so that they could get as complete a picture as possible of the history of Selonda and of the company’s processes. The visiting chefs had the opportunity to ascertain in person the quality, the safety and hygiene measures, the production staff’s care and, at the end, enjoy the taste of Selonda’s fresh Greek fish.

The program of the visit included the following activities:

  • Guided tour of the Selonda hatchery in Psachna on the island of Evia.
  • Tour of the fish farm at Selonda Bay, where the visiting chefs observed harvests, in which they also participated themselves.
  • Tour of the Selonda packing and processing plant near Nea Epidavros, where they viewed and evaluated the process of packaging fresh fish.
  • Cooking by the visiting chefs, using the fresh fish harvested a few hours before, at the restaurant “Ippokampos” (“Sea Horse”) in Nea Epidavros.

A video with a recap of the chefs’ inspirational trip to Greece is available at It captures all of the enthusiasm of the thirteen distinguished professional chefs based on what they had seen during their visit to Selonda’s production facilities.

This visit gave Selonda the following benefits:

  • Emphasis on our company’s export orientation and capability to work along with our customers to jointly promote our products.
  • Successful completion of a unique, intricate project involving thirteen customers of a Selonda customer, all based in the Netherlands.
  • Creation of goodwill ambassadors of our fresh Greek fish.
  • Focus on Greek hospitality and the know-how, quality and high standards of service offered by producers in Greece such as Selonda.

Selonda will continue with the same professionalism and commitment to quality and the processes that have made our company one of the leaders in its sector.