Another Significant Recognition of Selonda fresh Greek fish

Selonda received yet another prestigious and internationally recognized award, certifying that the company’s products are of premium quality and an ideal choice for consumers.


This award was given by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) based on a blind taste test carried out in Brussels by a jury consisting of 175 members, out of which 90 were internationally renowned chefs. The jury awarded Selonda Meagre, Pagro Maggiore and Sea Bass with a two-star Superior Taste Award, which corresponds to a remarkable taste. In fact, Selonda Sea Bass received the award for a second consecutive year, once again demonstrating its quality and taste.


The International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) is a globally recognized organization specializing in the taste certification of food and drinks. Since 2004 it has certified and awarded over 10.000 products in 130 countries around the globe. In 2018, 1.850 products from 90 countries succeeded in passing the demanding evaluations of the iTQi jury and being awarded for their exceptional taste, including three of Selonda’s leading products.


The award ceremony took place in Athens, as Greece was the honored country in 2018.