Our facilities


6 Hatcheries

with an annual capacity of over 180 million fry


59 Sea-cage
Fish Farms

with an annual production capacity of 40.000 tons
of Sea Bream and Sea Bass


11 Packing Stations

Selonda fresh Greek fish are packed in insulated boxes in which ice is added in order to achieve the optimum storage temperature.
The packed boxes are loaded onto pallets and placed in refrigerated storage facilities to maintain a low temperature. There are two main packaging types, one for truck transport and a second for air freight shipping, with a net weight of 6 or 10 kilograms.


2 Processing Plants

Selonda owns and operates 2 modern, automated processing plants in close proximity to the majority of the fish farms.


1 Distribution Center

Selonda ships fresh Greek fish to over 25 countries around the world. Shipping to the final destination takes place either in refrigerated trucks or by air.