New updated Selonda Website

Athens, March 11, 2013 – The new Selonda Website offers detailed information about the company and its facilities, the product range and characteristics as well as their health benefits. In addition, the new site offers a significant collection of Sea Bream and Sea Bass recipes and the points of sale of Selonda-branded Sea Bream and Sea Bass in Greece.

The new Selonda site is fully updated and is even more user-friendly. It has a new layout, a modern design and navigation system that make it easier to use, as with only one “click” a user can go from one page of the Selonda site to any other page on all other levels of its structure.

One of the Selonda site’s new features is that it offers consumers around the world with the largest collection of Sea Bream and Sea Bass recipes available on the Internet. Furthermore, the new site presents the entire range of fresh Mediterranean fish that Selonda cultivates and exports to over 20 countries every week.

By entering the new Selonda Website one can obtain detailed information about the company’s historical trajectory and milestones during more than three decades of operations in Greece and global markets.

Another important feature of the new Website is the presentation of Selonda’s sustainable development program, which includes environmental protection, social responsibility, quality management, food safety management as well as all of the company’s current certifications, which are now available for customers and consumers to download.

In addition, visitors of the new corporate Website can learn more about Selonda as a “corporate citizen”, as detailed information is included about the company’s contribution to the economic and social development of local communities through job creation, investments and sponsorships.