Selonda Branded

Every day fresh Greek Sea Bream and Sea Bass from Selonda

Today’s consumers have an increasingly imperative need for a healthy diet with a guaranteed high level of food safety. Having recognized this need, especially in a food category such as fish, where the selection of a truly fresh fish is not obvious to all, Selonda launched branded fresh fish in 2007. Fresh, premium-quality Sea Bream and Sea Bass with the Selonda “tag” is sold in selected fish shops and supermarkets so that Greek consumers can safely choose fresh fish with a guaranteed freshness and high quality for themselves and their family.

Advertising campaign
In order to inform consumers about Selonda’s branded fresh fish, our company began an advertising campaign in March 2007 including radio commercials, full-page advertisements in the press and newspaper inserts. This advertising campaign was the world’s first by a producer in the product category of fresh fish, and it reflects the innovativeness that Selonda has been displaying for decades in the Greek and global markets. Marketing support of the Selonda brand with various activities both in Greece and abroad continues unabated until today.

Radio spots
Outdoor advertising at Athens bus stops
Newspaper full-page advertisements
Selonda Sea Bream newspaper insert
Αthens Metro
Athens City Buses
Athens Fish Market

Video Marketing

FAM trips