Selonda MAP Tray

In 2016, fresh Selonda Sea Bream was launched in an innovative MAP tray under the Selonda brand in the stores of the supermarket chain My Market. One year later, in  2017,  fresh Selonda Sea Bass was also launched in a MAP tray in the same supermarket chain.

Advantages of the Selonda MAP Tray:

  • Branding – Selonda or private label with attractive packaging artwork.
  • Cleaned and ready-to-cook.
  • Optimum preservation of the fish’s freshness, nutritional value and tastiness.
  • Allows all retailers to sell fresh fish, without having to operate a fresh fish counter.
  • Consumers only pay for the net weight of the product, without being charged for the by-product.
  • No waiting times for consumers at the point-of-sale for the fish to be cleaned.
  • Prevents leakage when transported or stored.
  • Fits easily in refrigerator shelves.