Selonda has always been a leader in fry production and sales both in Greece and the Mediterranean.

Our company commenced fry production at the beginning of the 1990s with the construction of a small hatchery at Selonda Bay, mainly to cover the needs of our own fish farms. Selonda essentially achieved its leading position in fry production in 1994 by acquiring and adding to its capacity the large hatchery in Managouli and primarily in 1998, when the third and most advanced hatchery in Thesprotia began operation.

Today, Selonda operates 6 modern hatcheries with a total production capacity of over 180 million fry. The fry production primarily serves the needs of our own company’s on-growing farms, domestic customers (~40 million juveniles) and export customers (~10 million juveniles).

The most significant accomplishment for Selonda throughout these years is its consolidation of the fry market and reputation with customers as the most reliable company in the sector.

Selonda’s fry stands out for its:

  • High-quality
  • Growth-performance
  • Pathogen–free

The species of fry (average weight > 2g):

  • Gilthead Sea Bream fry: distributed throughout the year.
  • European Sea Bass fry: distributed throughout the year.
  • Sharpsnout Sea Bream fry: distributed from January to May.
  • Red porgy fry: distributed from August to October.
  • Meagre fry: distributed from July to September.


For its fry distribution network, Selonda has specially modified trucks with removable tanks used for transporting to production units all over Greece and abroad. Fry shipments are carried out at Selonda’s responsibility and expense by fully specialized and well-trained personnel. Our company guarantees the quality and good health of the fry it distributes.

Furthermore, Selonda is a sector pioneer, with a unique proven experience, when it comes to transporting fry by air to long-distance destinations.