Environmental protection is deeply ingrained in Selonda’s corporate culture, as aquaculture is most likely the only human industrial activity with such a direct dependence on the quality of the sea environment because our products live and grow in the sea.

Therefore, in order for our company to continue to exist in the future, it is of utmost importance to respect and protect the sea environment. For these reasons, our fish farms are always located in areas with large depths and strong underwater currents in order to achieve a faster absorption of the organic materials.

Our goal at Selonda is to minimize the environmental impact of our activities and to operate in complete harmony with the environment, as we are part of the sea’s environment and without it our company could not exist.

Additional information

Examples of what we do at Selonda to protect the environment:

  • Our company fully abides to the Greek environmental legislation and is committed to operating in harmony with the environment, avoiding by all means contamination of the sea environment around our fish farms.
  • Our environmental impact studies guarantee that all necessary measures are taken in order to avoid causing a negative impact on the ecosystem in the area surrounding our fish farms.
  • Our fish farms operate in full accordance with strict requirements for environmental protection. Selonda is ISO 14001 certified for its Environmental Management System. In addition, Selonda has been certified according to demanding standards for sustainable development, such as ASC and Friend of the Sea, which certify environmentally- and socially-responsible aquaculture practices, reduction of energy consumption, protection of the ecosystem and cooperation with local communities.