Research & Development

  • Selonda actively participates in Aquaculture research and development in Greece and Europe, through participation in various platforms and research programs.
  • PerformFISH, ProAqua, ΗiSea Project are examples of research programs in which Selonda actively participated and contributed. Selonda has long-term partnerships with a number of research and technological institutes in Greece and abroad. These partnerships are always focused on our company’s challenges and strategic growth priorities.
  • Having recognized the strategic significance of juvenile production for the company’s operations and results, our company focuses its research activities on further improving its quality and performance and has therefore invested in a selective breeding program. Since 2016 Selonda has been working with the company Xelect and a diverse network of international organizations and research institutes. These partnerships have helped Selonda develop innovative breeding methods as well as to implement an innovative specialized software that ensures advanced results and analyses.