An integral element of Selonda’s business philosophy is active participation in and contribution to the local communities in the regions of Greece where we operate. Our company demonstrates this commitment in practice by supporting and contributing to the development of the local community and to society through the following pillars of action.

  • Providing employment in local communites
    Selonda provides employment to 1180 employees located all over Greece, out of which 80% are from the local communities in which our company operates. Hiring of members of the local community for the various job openings and specializations is encouraged. In addition, at Selonda the safety of our people is a top priority of utmost importance. Our company implements an Occupational Health and Safety Management System in order to minimize accidents and improve working conditions, which has been certified under OHSAS  18001.
  • Supporting local community organizations
    Selonda makes donations to local organizations and clubs as well as to non-profit organizations that support underprivileged local community members and help them increase their contribution to the local society.
  • Developing the local economy
    As a business member of the local communities in which we operate, Selonda promotes development of the local economy at all levels. Our company gives preference to locality and works with local suppliers, as displayed by the fact that over 50% of suppliers are located outside of Attica (region of Athens). It is worth mentioning that, during the company’s presence spanning over 3 decades in the regions of Korinthia and Argolida, Selonda has made local investments with a total value of 23 million Euros.
  • Communicating with non-governmental organizations
  • Communicating and interacting with representatives of the local community and supporting community organizations