Upgrade of GlobalGAP Certification

Selonda is pleased to announce that it recently completed the upgrade of its GlobalGAP Aquaculture Standard certification to the newest version (5.0) at all of the company’s production facilities.

GlobalGAP is an internationally-recognized standard for certification of best practices implemented at all stages of the aquaculture production chain. It includes the food safety, the quality of the fish feed, the health and welfare of the fish in the sea, the safety, health and welfare of the staff at the production facilities, environmental and ecological care, and legal compliance.

This upgraded GlobalGAP certification once again displays that Selonda is a pioneer in its continuous efforts to supply markets around the world with the highest quality fresh Greek fish.

With the upgraded GlobalGAP Aquaculture Standard certification, version 5.0, the entire production chain (from the broodstock to the fry at the hatcheries, to the sea cages, to packing and processing at the packing/processing plants and delivery to the end consumer, including third-party suppliers and the company’s social responsibility) is in accordance with the strictest and most demanding criteria, according to which Selonda is audited and evaluated as in conformance.